beatssostronglikeamelody: "Does Johnny even have 1.5million?"

I DIDN’T EVEN THINK HE WAS A MILLIONAIRE!!! I mean, he immediately moved into her place so obviously he didn’t have to pay rent… The engagement ring couldn’t have been expensive either as CC’s friend designed it and surely did it for free.

Anonymous: "Hard to believe that the non-cheating agreement is for real. It's completely unbelievable. I read the article and they say that both are okay with it and if their passion, their 'madly in love' cools down, they will have a strong financial reason for making their relationship work - c'mon, is this 'love'? I'm not idealizing anything but If that article is telling the truth and that is what love means for her, I'm starting to understand now why Matteney has never happened."

As I said: I’ll invite everyone over for pizza when this is over.

Anonymous: "Did Matthew seriously have that idea with putting Arquette behind every name when Courteney got married?"

Did he?! I have no idea whose idea it actually was….


1x19 (The One Where the Monkey Gets Away)

Joey: I don’t know, I loved high school. You know? It was just four years of parties and dating and sex.

Chandler: Yeah, well I went to boarding school with four hundred boys. Any sex I had would’ve involved a major lifestyle choice.

Anonymous: "@matteney_tweets once tweeted a pic of CC and Matty. CC was holding a cheetah scarf and wearing a white tank. Matty was wearing a tanish sweater and they were wearing glasses/sun glasses. Was that a real thing or were the pics morphed together? If you know"

'@matteney_tweets' is actually my own account, haha! And I think you mean this pic:

It’s indeed real! :)